Day 13: Elbowing our way into Dar

The day starts with a nerve-racking drive through the Mikumi National Park. There is nobody around to tell us not to enter the park so we go ahead -- although the 'Danger' sign at its entrance keeps us (well, at least me) anxiously looking left and right every now and then. Be it as it may, we don't get to see too many wild animals today. Some impalas and baboons cross our path and we see the trunks of elephants sticking out from behind the bush, but giraffes we only spot on the triangular warning signs on the side of the road. The road after the park gets increasingly busy as we push through our last 250 km to Tanzania's economic powerhouse in Dar.
We don't dare accelerating too much, with the new used tyre we've got too fragile to chance it again. It gets hotter and humid, the highway gets so crowded we almost literally have to elbow our way through. The roads widen, as does the number of daladalas, pikipikis and trucks around us. Then the palm trees signal the sea we are approaching and we can even smell it (the sea, the city and all that comes with it). Finally, later that afternoon, and some 4,300 kilometres into our trip, we arrive in Dar!

No fuel there, I guess...

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