Day 0: Pre-departure panic: how much can a scooter REALLY carry?

It's all way too heavy! Do we have to take all ALL the 15 litres of extra fuel??? If we add up our weight + luggage + fuel... how much is this little scooter supposed to carry??? That's not even going to make it up the first hill, let alone a curve... Two hours later, all loaded. The windshield had to come off. We will get to savour all the bugs and dust Africa has to offer
, but what don't you do for the sake of a little bit extra balance... Late afternoon, finally off we go. First direction: Rustenburg.

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  1. I rememeber you saying 'see how much a little blue car can carry !!' :) Blog is amazing. So proud of you ! You & Albi look amazing.. adventure of a life time ! :) luv to you both. Post more snaps!! Karen & bex