Day 3: Is our trip finished already?

Pretty late start today... After the first 50 km, the scooter breaks down again. Is our trip finished already??? We manage to get it going again, but slow speed from now on -- yes, much slower than the 80 km/h we've been doing thus far. But we do make it to Francistown, Botswana's second biggest city. We find a mechanic -- apparently the only one repairing motorbikes in town.
We're lucky. Only a small tube needs fixing. It was letting air into the engine, he says. Hallelluja! We see sunshine again! A woman we meet outside a pizza place in town tells us to watch out for the animals on the road -- even one of the ministers got attacked by a lion the other day, she says. Also tells us to appreciate the bit of rain we might get along the way. Says Botswana's agriculture -- beans, maize etc -- doesn't get much of it over the year. Back on the road: donkeys, and more donkeys. Seems Botswana's favourite mode of transport. And cows, everywhere. Even under that huge baobab tree we pass! Beautiful sunset on the way as we roll into the camp at Nata lodge some 400 km later. A beautiful campsite, set in the midst of palm trees. We even get to do some off-road driving while looking for a place to set up our tent. A hot, sweaty, but beautiful day.

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