Day 4: Scootering with elephants and giraffes: who is faster?

Breakfast and off we go. At the Nata garage, no fuel. Gas station ran out. Luckily, the one next door still has some left. On the road towards the Zambian border we hit a line of road works. It seems the entire highway is being redone. We may not always be able to see the road, but we get to see loads of elephants. They seem undisturbed by us (and the other trucks and cars passing by). Even pose for pictures with us.
That was, indeed, very special. Sometimes we encounter them in a group of four or even more. You recognise where they are by the chunks of poo lying around. Baboons jump out on the road and behind the next curve we see giraffes, a whole family of them! We race to the border. Follow the signs for Kazungula border post. Botswana side is fast. At the neighbouring one things go a bit slower. Four officials hanging out of the window discussing our two-wheeler as we roll in. Only once we start filling out the immigration forms do we notice that we may not be in the right place. "Zimbabwe" it says on top. Feel a bit silly going up to the official, asking if this is the border to Zimbabwe indeed. He appears a bit chuffed when we tell him that we actually meant to go to Zambia instead. (Yet another tourist not wanting to go visit Mugabe?) Seems we took the wrong turn. Back on the bike, we re-enter Botswana. Not without going through the foot and mouth disease disinfection point. They make us put our feet into a brownish hole of cement and drive the scooter through a pothole full of undefinable liquid. (You figure it out...) We get another Botswana stamp. Race to the other border. Get stamped out of Botswana (again), and run after the ferry. But just meters before the shore, an official makes us turn around. Seems Zambia decided to call it a day 30 minutes earlier today. It's the third time we pass by the "Welcome to Botswana" sign. We look for a campsite in Kasane and while driving, come across another herd of elephants. Chobe National Park is just around the corner. Everyone directs us to the lodge right at the Chobe river's edge. Gorgeous view of the sun setting behind the river, couples getting ready to take a dinner boat cruise.... Makes having to wait for Vic Falls just one more day more than bearable....

Who said scooters can't do off-road?



  1. This is great guys! Love your adventure!

  2. Thanks much...! It feels like living on the edge every kilometre we go... :) more to be added soon!

  3. Where are you guys now?